Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer 2012!

Well, so far it's been a very pleasant summer. We've gone down to Visit Corbin a couple of times. While we were there we went up to see the volcano. Who knew Utah had volcanoes? I always wondered where that lava rock came from.

Rick and I ran Snow Canyon with our friends Sarah and Dustin Adams and they asked if we wanted to start from above the volcano or below. So after we ran, I had to go see it. Then we took everyone else to see it.  We didn't get a picture of the volcano, but we did take this family picture with Snow Canyon in the background.  I think it's beautiful!
Chantel, Corbin, Rick and Tiffany 
On our next visit to see them we went to Zion's National Park. It was a beautiful day with a temperature of only 102. As you may know, you can't drive most of Zion's anymore...You must take a bus.....A very hot bus.
Rick, Tiffany, Chantel, Bethany, and Corbin
Everyone enjoyed the water on such a hot day. The red rock, green trees and blue water make for beautiful hikes.
The kids on a bridge. Lower Emerald Pools Hike.

There is a "waterfall", more like water mist, when you get to the lower pools, and I must say....It's the most refreshing thing ever!  One little boy asked his mom how it was raining when there were no clouds....So CUTE!

Corbin and Rick enjoying the view. Weeping Rock Trail.
Zion's really is a beautiful place. I hadn't been since I was a kid, and I was in AWWW! Pictures really don't do this National Park any justice at all.
Panoramic of Weeping Rock 
Bethany and Corbin on the River Walk Trail
Corbin and Bethany in the Virgin River in Zion's National Park
Corbin and Bethany did go all the way in the river up to their shoulders. The water was surprisingly warm until you got waist deep....Then I'm told it got a lot colder.
Chantel, Rick, and Corbin on Father's day 2012
It just so happens it was Father's Day the day were were at Zion's, and I think it was one of the better Father's day's Rick ever had.

Tiffany and Rick Court of the Patriarchs Zion's National Park

In the background are three towering cliffs. The early Mormon settlers that farmed the canyon named them after prophets in the old testament. Left is Abraham, center is Isaac, and  right is Jacob. I guess they gave several of the cliffs religious themed names such as Angel's Landing, where it is said only the angels could land because of the steep cliffs on all sides.  The next time I'm in Zion's I'd really like to hike the Narrow's ....and possibly Angel's Landing...if only I can find the courage.

Speaking of the Bible.  I read a book on this trip called The Red Tent and quite enjoyed it. It's a fictional story about Jacob's only daughter.
Big Horn Sheep in Zion's National Park

In this picture you see the bus in the center at the bottom.  You can see how small it is compared to the cliff walls.
Can you see Corbin on Checkerboard Mesa? He just had to climb on it.

Chantel cooling off by the river
Chantel at the water station
If you plan a trip to Zion's, our best advice is take advantage of the water bottle stations.

Sand Hallow State Park
We also enjoyed some time at Sand Hallow State Park when we visited.  What can I say, it's over 100 degrees every day there. You have to cool off somehow.

Here's Bethany Cooling off in the lake.  She didn't want me to take this picture, but I told her she'd thank me when she was old. :)

You can see all of the people on the rock, it's where you cliff jump.  Corbin, Rick and I jumped off. It was really fun.  It took me awhile to work up the courage, but I did it!

I have to say that the best part of the trip was when Corbin and Bethany made us breakfast.  It was Delicious! They've turned into really good cooks.  I'm so proud of them.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Enjoying Some Family Time

Well, January came and went without much to say. Not much goes on in January it seems. No Holidays, no big events, but we did slip in a visit to see Corbin and Bethany in St. George. We really Miss Corbin. He seems to be doing well, and is doing great in school. He is enjoying his English Class the most he says. He got a job working at Jiffy Lube in Washington, and that seems to be going well. He has done some cooking, and he sent me some pictures to insure me that he's eating "well balanced meals". We hope he continues to do well, so we can come visit the SUN....I'm mean our SON! :)

We had fun eating out and doing some bowling with Corbin and Bethany while we were there.
Nice Smile Corbin!
Rick and Channy
I'd just like to point out this may be my best game ever!  Woohoo 96!
Then Rick, Channy, and I enjoyed a hike in Snow Canyon. We did Hidden Pinyon Trail, and 3 Ponds Trail. I just loved how beautiful it was. I really need to hike more.
Hidden Pinyon Trail Lookout.
Chantel Hidden Pinyon Trail.
Rick on Hidden Pinyon Trail, Ut.
Hidden Pinyon Trail, St. George, Ut.
Channy and Rick on 3 Ponds Trail. Channy got worn out on this trail. It's super sandy, and a lot of hard work. She didn't make it to the end of this trail.

Challis Seems to be doing well also.  He's working hard, playing harder, and going to school at Weber.  He started dating Anna Warren.  Anna conveniently lives across the street from us, so Challis is back at home for the time being. We have gotten to spend a little time with them, and Anna's little girl Lori.  We are taken by Lori's sweet charm, and Challis seems to be smitten by them both. They make a cute pair and we're glad Challis is happy.

 I had a fun visit from my sister Kim yesterday. It was great to see her.  It's been almost 2 years since our last visit. I enjoyed hearing about her adventures around the globe.  It really made me want to go on vacation. It's always interesting to hear how she grew up and the different paths our lives have taken as we are only 7 days apart in age. I don't think we could have gone more opposite directions in life, but I think that makes me enjoy her all the more. I love her energy and adventurous spirit. She has a beautiful smile, twinkling blue eyes, and long skinny legs that I'm envious of. Yes we're quite different, but "sister's from another mother" all the same.  :)

She brought along my nephew Jory, his wife Maika and their daughter Onora. Onora is such a doll with all her crazy cute hair, and she's such a happy little one.  They seem to be wonderful parents. I enjoyed having them over for lunch.  Time just goes too quickly it seems, and I don't get to see everyone enough.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy 2012

Happy New Year to ya'll! We rang in the new year with our friends the Saddlers, as we do most years, playing games and stuffing our faces. We are so lucky to have Brenda and Steve as friends. Rick spent the New Years holiday day with Steve ice fishing.  He said he had fun, but how is freezing your booty off fun???  I'll never understand ice fishing.

The new year has already brought changes to our home.  This week Corbin heads off to college. We are sad, stressed, overwhelmed, worried, and happy all at the same time.  We went down the last week in Dec. to St. George and moved all his things down to his new apartment. Corbin and Bethany, Corbin's girlfriend, got a darling apartment together. I must say it's nicer than any apartment I had when I was young.
Here they are on their balcony. Did I mention it was the only apartment we looked at that didn't have cockroaches? So sick!
The Kitchen is SUPER HUGE for an apartment, and they have a washer and dryer....No laundromat! I sure didn't have it that nice in my first place.
I sure hope they get some homework done here.....after all, it is why they are there.
He may be going to Dixie, but I think his heart is in Oregon with the Ducks.  :)
I really think they like their new place, and I hope they'll be really happy there.  We wish them the best in school and love.
And with a view like this and the nice warm temperatures....it's a safe bet we we'll be seeing Corbin and Bethany sooner than they think. ;)
This is a picture of Bethany and Corbin at Christmas.
We hope all of our friends and family enjoyed their holidays.  We sure did.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas All! We hope our little note finds you all in the swing of a joyous and fun holiday season. I'ts been a crazy year, and so much has happened, and yet I've only managed to blog 3 times this year. I'm really sad about that, so I'll have to do flash backs to last year in my blog next year.  My goal is to keep up on my blog next year, oh....and give up candy.  :)  Wish me luck.

I really need to update my Christmas Address List, so if you wouldn't mind sending me your current address if you don't receive a Christmas Card from me, that would be awesome!  I had a computer problem and lost everything.  :(

We know next year has many changes in store for us.  We have a lot of balls in the air right now, so stay tuned to our blog to keep up. We hope your New Year will be your best ever.  Wishes of Love, Prosperity, Happiness, and most of all HEALTH go out to each and every one of our friends and family.  We love you ALL! (hug)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Good Bye My Sweet Sister

Make every second count, for it may be your last. That's all I seem to have gotten out of my sisters passing so far.  It's been a few weeks now, and it still doesn't seem real. I'm still stunned every time I think of her. How could she possibly be gone?  How? If you've not heard, my sweet sister Kristi passed away from a massive stroke September 22, 2011. The Stroke was caused by birth control pills, which is unusual, but not unknown to happen.

Kristi G. Bringhurst Clark 

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Kristi G. Bringhurst Clark
1970 ~ 2011
Our sweet wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend Kristi G. Bringhurst Clark, age 40, passed away in Salt Lake City, Utah on Thursday, September 22, 2011 following complications of a massive stroke.
Kristi was born November 20, 1970 in Murray, Utah to Vickie Dawn Dorman and Gary P. Bringhurst. She graduated from Davis High School, 1989 and was a barber by trade. She married Anson Bowen Clark, November 28, 1989 in Farmington, Utah. Their son Anson Bowen was the light of her life. She enjoyed rollerblading, tennis, hiking and being outdoors. Kristi loved a joke, piano, music, and was artistic. Kristi was a kind, gentle, loving, and generous woman who brought happiness and joy to those in her presence. She was a devoted wife, mother, and daughter. She is loved dearly and will be missed profoundly. She gave to all who knew her and was an organ and tissue donor in death.
She is survived by her husband, Anson Bowen Clark, their son, Anson Bowen, Farmington, her mother Vickie Dawn Dorman (Steve), father Gary P. Bringhurst (Sandy), siblings, Tiffany E. Gatten (Rick), Jason Bringhurst (Jen), Star Jaques (Jeff), Steven (Emilee), step siblings Jeni Newson, Mandi Young (Brent), Ashley Holcomb (Nate), and many nieces and nephews. Preceded in death by her sister Amber and brother Ryan.
A celebration of Kristi's life will be held at 11:00 a.m. Friday, September 30 at the LDS Farmington Fairway Chapel, 1533 North 1075 West, Farmington, Utah.

Kristi has been with me almost all of my life. She's only 18 months younger than I am. My whole life I've known what she's been up to, what her plans were, where she physically was, and now.... It's like I'm missing the right arm that I've always had...

I had the importunity to speak at my sisters funeral, and talk to everyone there about what I thought of her and how much I loved her. She was a wonderful sister, and person. I know she struggled through life, but it never changed the basic person she was - Funny, Compassionate, Giving, Loving, Strong, Smart, Graceful, Brave. She was all that and so much more. I'm so thankful she was my sister.  We had such good times together.

I guess the next few months will be the hardest for my family to get through. I know her son, Bowen, and her husband Anson Clark miss her very much as well.  The holidays that my sister loved so much will be the times I miss her most of all.  She brightened even the most brilliant lights of Christmas. But, we have no choice, we must move on without her, however her memory will shine on in all of those who knew her. We'll always cherish those sweet memories.

Kristi was an organ donor. She passed on her heart, both her kidney's and her spleen to others in desperate need. I'm glad part of her lives on.  I know she would be happy to have given to others this one last time, her final gift to others.

Here is her life in review if you've not seen it on youtube. Just click on her name below.
Kristi Bringhurst Clark 1970 -2011

The following are some of my favorite picture memories of my dear sweet sister.
Tiffany (me), Vickie (our mother), and Kristi.  Kristi's first Christmas. Not that I remember much about this picture, it's more the tree in the back ground I remember.  Kristi and I spent many an hour looking at our grandmother's Christmas tree.  Our grandmother had the best ornaments. Ones with little scenes inside of them.  They were magical.  Kristi loved Christmas trees, and she owned the last of our grandmother's ornaments.

Kristi and I dressed alike.  We often dressed alike because our mother had control over our fashion for many a year.  I remember these blue coats, so soft. We both loved them.
Dressed alike again.
And again,
And again.  The last two pictures are of us in our Christmas pajamas, alike most years.  We looked forward to opening them every Christmas Eve. Kristi loved pajamas.
Kristi, Teri (her friend), Tiffany (me), Brenda (my friend).  Kristi and I played a lot together as children, as most sisters do.  We shared friends often such as Teri and Brenda who were sisters also. We played house, dolls, barbies, and skated, but one of our favorite ways to pass time was a game we called Charlie. Charlie was a monkey (our brother Ryan.) We'd send him up a tree and make him have a monkey time out. He couldn't come down, and Kristi and I would engage in some other play with him safely out of the way and under our control.
Tiffany (me), Ryan (our brother), and Kristi.  I remember this day like it was yesterday.  It was our first day at a new school.  We'd moved to Kaysville from Granger Ut, and we were a little scared, but boy we loved our new outfits. Kristi hated new school clothes, but these cut off pants and short sleeve shirts weren't the long pants and sweaters she hated wearing on the long, hot first days of school.
Kristi, and Tiffany (me). I shared a bedroom with Kristi for many years, even after I had a room of my own and no longer need to share with her. She hated sharing a room with me.  She wanted to be an only child.  She hated how messy I was.  We had more fights over our messy room than over anything else. 
Kristi, Tiffany (me), Ryan (our brother). I remember our first time out skiing. She sat down on her butt and slid to the bottom of the hill with my brother while I coward at the top.  I wished that I could be so brave. She was a little dare devil.
  Kristi, Tiffany (me), and Star (our sister). I remember our summer vacations to Disneyland.  This picture is on Disney's Main St. We loved riding the rides, eating frozen chocolate covered bananas, and all that is magical about Disneyland.  Kristi had quite an imagination.
Kristi, and Bowen (her son).  Kristi wanted to be a mother so badly.  She loved babies. She was so proud of her son.  She thought he was the most brilliant, beautiful child ever born. She talked non stop about him all the time. I'm so happy she had that opportunity. It meant everything to her.
Kristi, and Anson (her husband).  It seems like just yesterday they were this young. I remember how much fun they had together. I remember their first little place they lived in by Anson's dad's house. She was proud to be on her own. I loved to visit her, and see how happy she was.
Tiffany (me), Kristi, Vickie (our mom). This picture is the hardest for me to post. I have to look through tears to write about it because it's when I'll miss her most. She was so much fun to be with. She always made jokes, and tried to make the best, most artistic cookie. She helped the little kids and licked her fingers when she wasn't supposed to. Man, I'll miss her singing Christmas carols.
Kristi, and Tiffany (me). Happy Halloween Kristi, and Happy Birthday Ryan.  I miss you both.